VS Code

I wear another hat that requires me to work with C#/.NET, therefore I tend to use Visual Studio for development when needed. Several months ago, Microsoft released VSCode for linux, an elegant and easy to use editor that retains some of the best features of Visual Studio, including Intellisence. Obviously, this is particularly useful for dealing with the vast AWS node.js API. This functionality relies on the existence of TypeScript definition files for (in this case) the aws-sdk. First step is to install the TypeScript Definition (TSD) manager, an npm module:
npm install tsd@next -g
Once this is done, in your VSCode project directory, install the desired definitions eg.,
tsd install node --save
tsd install aws-sdk --save

This should produce a directory with the title ‘typings’, and therein should be a directory file tsd.d.ts, that lists available files. In order to introduce typings to your project, place the following line in your source (eg., index.js):
Thereafter intellisence should be available for the the aws-sdk node module. Small gotcha : the aws-sdk tsd file does require the installation of the node tsd file, don’t leave out that step 😉