Lambdas: Epilogue

I’ve spent some time coming to grips with nodejs, in order to develop truly functional lambda functions. Thinking asynchronously (something nodejs is adept at) is a little challenging if you’re not accustomed to it. While the AWS examples are very useful, the process of uploading and triggering through the console doesn’t make for quick turn around when developing. In light of this, something I’ve found immensely useful are test frameworks like this one. It has the distinct advantage of allowing local development, but also provides functionality for deployment to AWS when you’re ready.

Along these lines, if you want to develop with dynamoDB locally, AWS offer this project : The AWS CLI makes admin for dynamoDB a breeze eg., , although don’t forget to set a local endpoint ala :

--endpoint-url http://localhost:8000.

Using these two projects, you can get a relatively sophisticated function setup and tested in no time, with much lower latency between iterations.